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Rocket UI 

Extend your OutSystems UI with Rocket UI Kit


What is it?

Rocket UI Kit is a set of advanced components, layouts and screen templates that complement OutSystems UI.

If you are moving to reactive web, or have one or more applications running on OutSystems Platform 11 or are about to start developing a new mobile app, the Rocket UI Kit can be a perfect addition to your dev tool!

Custom Screen templates

When you create a new page in OutSystems Studio you will be able to choose from a wide range of templates  like the kanban board, calendar views, columns of cards, wide card lists, and many more.

Components for your needs!

Rocket UI Kit includes premium custom components that you can't find in OutSystems UI Framework.

All of these components are consistent  and work with OutSystems UI. These are some examples of the components in the Rocket UI Kit.

Increased Layout variations

The Rocket UI Kit offers different kinds of structural layouts that can be combined with each other to have a wide variety of options.

Rocket UI Kit Benefits

Promote Front-end best practices
Improve developers autonomy
Reduce complexity and maintenance costs
Improved application end-quality
Easier multi-device development
Increase developers velocity

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