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OutSystems Innovation Awards 2018 recognize four Do iT Lean's projects

by Do iT Lean on Oct 01, 2018


Not 1, 2 or 3, but 4 Innovation Awards recognized our projects at OutSystems NextStep! Thank you to our committed team and challenging clients. This is for you.

The OutSystems Innovation Awards recognize, honor, and celebrate the organizations and people that are using OutSystems to make IT dramatically more proactive, productive, and essential in creating business value and driving innovation.


At NextStep 2018 in Boston, these were our clients that had the honor to receive them:

Transformation in Government Award - City of Oakland

city of oakland

The Challenge - The City of Oakland is a vibrant growing community in northern California located in the San Francisco Bay area. In an effort to continue to modernize its systems and interactions with residents, the city decided to invest in replacing a legacy paper-based process for receiving complaints against law officers with a modern web-based solution. In addition to online access from residents, the agency needed a modern case management solution that could automate their complex processes for reviewing these complaints.

The Solution - The CPRA application was developed to address this challenge. It consisted of a public portal where a citizen could report a complaint and monitor their complaint’s status. A back-office case management application designed to support the complex process of taking on a complaint, assigning it to an investigator, collaborating with Police Internal Affairs and bringing the case to closure. A configurable portal for the City of Oakland that can house and launch public facing applications. The City of Oakland leveraged Do iT Lean to assist their internal IT with the delivery of the CPRA application using OutSystems. The final solution consisted of a complex deployment where back-office functionality was deployed in a secure zone and the customer-facing portals were in a public zone.

The Results - There are over 400,000 citizens making up the City of Oakland community. The goal is to eventually have all of them registered in the City Portal. The main benefits to the business are:

1. Allows the public unprecedented ability to file and track complaints of police misconduct online via phone, tablet or computer

2. Provides a case management infrastructure so intake and investigatory staff have a centralized location to build and store electronic case files, and supervisors can track the progress of investigations as well as staff workloads and workflow

3. Provides back-office functionality to perform advanced analytics on data related to investigations, allowing CPRA staff to track patterns of complaints and investigatory details, and to create the flexibility to change the functionality of the system as the needs of the CRPA change

Mission Impact Award - CSA Group


The Challenge - CSA Group customer, the Rick Hansen Foundation’s mission is to help remove barriers and liberate the potential of people with disabilities. Part of that mission is to assess building for accessibility and their paper-based process was not able to keep up with demand. Thus working with CSA Group the goal was to automate the process of inspecting buildings for accessibility and recognizing those which meet or exceed accessibility standards based on Rick Hansen’s existing process.

The Solution - The Accessibility Certification registry is a web-based platform with a public listing of certified buildings and a back-office management application. The back-office application supports a complex survey which is invoked through automated processes where building owners could self-register and request the assessment process. Once the assessment was underway the assigned surveyor followed an online assessment process recording findings in the new application. When complete, a thorough review of all information is performed by an adjudicator, the system automatically generates a scorecard based on the certified ratings, which is then sent for an additional level of completion checks by CSA staff. When complete the assessment findings are published in a public portal. CSA Group partnered with Do iT Lean in order to meet an aggressive timeline and project budget. The first public release of the registry was completed in 12 weeks.

The Results - In less than 4 months of going live there are over 800 assessments being processed through the new registry application. The main benefits to the business are:

1. Self-service registration and request for assessment

2. The online assessment survey and the automated workflow have greatly improved the overall process and aided in ensuring quality to the highest standards

3. Online portal promoting those buildings which have been certified

Core System Transformation Award - US Health Group

us health

The Challenge - USHG needed to replace an aging scheduling system which no longer supported their growing needs. They needed a solution that could automatically schedule calls to make sure their call center staff were never left waiting for the next call slot and if a call went long the call queue could be automatically managed.

The Solution - Callzone is a custom scheduling application that adapts to USHG’s call center schedules and automatically schedules both first calls and callbacks. US Health Group leveraged Do iT Lean to deliver the Callzone application using OutSystems. The final solution consisted of an end to end call center management solution. The system allows each call center to manage their daily staffing and schedules. Based on this information the system automatically routes calls and callbacks making it easy for the call center staff to capture call details and streamline the overall business process.

The Results - The application has about 300 call center users and an additional 3,000 agents in the field using Callzone to schedule calls for an average of $15 Million in weekly sales. It is used to complete verification of health calls, additional information calls, bank confirmation calls, and tracking of call volume. The main benefits to the business are:

1. The solution has increased call center staff efficiency and allowed USHG to continue to grow its business without adding additional call center staff

2. Call center staff idle time has been dramatically reduced

3. Missed calls and call back scheduling has been improved resulting in greater customer satisfaction

Best Custom Solution Award - Yak Mat

yak mat

The Challenge - Yak Mat was moving from QuickBooks to a new ERP solution by Infor and knew it would need custom functionality to support the management of its highly specialized inventory and distribution processes. The new ERP would need to be extended to support an existing mobile inventory app through APIs and deliver specialized capabilities to manage the shipping and distribution of its products.

The Solution - Yak Mat Tracker was developed to deliver a custom front end to Infor’s M3 ERP. The new front end streamlined the management of inventory and Yak Mat’s ability to configure new orders from multiple yards to meet customer demand. Part of the solution was a set of APIs allowing our existing mobile application to connect to M3. Yak Mat leveraged Do iT Lean to deliver the Tracker application and the needed mobile APIs using OutSystems. The final solution consisted of an integrated inventory and order management application and was quickly followed by a supplier portal.

The Results -There are 250 active users with 150 to 180 concurrent users on any given day both in the office and out in the field. The main benefits to the business are:

1. Allowed the extension of Infor’s M3 ERP into the field by simplifying our end user’s interfaces into the system allowing them to focus on their jobs

2. Simplified complex processes associated with both inventory tracking across all of Yak Mat’s sites and management of the rental processes for customers

3. The agility to meet business demand as evidenced by the rapid delivery of a supplier portal right after go-live allowing external producers to enter inventory directly into the Yak Mat Tracker system



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