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Get to Know OutSystems: My Top 10 Golden Nuggets

by Ruben Oliveira, Developer on Oct 20, 2020


I have been an OutSystems developer for the last few years and one thing I have discovered is that while it is easy to get started developing on the platform there are a lot of things to learn and it can be quite overwhelming. Working together with others and sharing knowledge can really accelerate the pace of learning and increase your chances of quickly becoming proficient.

Together with others here at Do iT Lean I have created a community of OutSystems developers. Within our group, we call priceless pieces of advice our Golden Nuggets. These can come from any member of the community with the goal of improving our professionalism, best practices and knowledge of the OutSystems platform. To achieve this, we are using a personal environment where we build sample applications that you can check and see the desired implementation and solutions to our exercises. We also have a weekly meeting where we share our experiences – this is also a good place to grow our network. To make communications a lot more agile we also have a WhatsApp group.

I would like to share my Top 10 Golden Nuggets. This document includes topics such as the BDD Framework, the Architecture Dashboard, Experience Builder and App Shield among others. You are welcome to download it, give it a read and let me know what you think. If you are interested in joining the community feel free reach me on LinkedIn.

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