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Do iT Lean gets SMB Excellence status by IAPMEI

by Do iT Lean on Apr 24, 2019


For the 2nd year in a row, Do iT Lean has been recognized with the SMB Excellence status by IAPMEI! Congratulations to the whole team for this (another!) important acknowledgment.

The SMB Excellence status is a reputation seal that represents the solidness and trustworthiness of small and medium businesses, distinguishing their merit and contribution to the economy results. 

Companies are selected by IAPMEI based on the SMB Leader universe, and must meet the following criteria cumulatively:

  • Financial Autonomy >= 37.50%
  • Net Return on Shareholders' Equity >= 12.50%
  • Net Financial Debt / EBITDA (NetDebt / EBITDA) <= 2,50
  • EBITDA / Assets >= 10.00%
  • EBITDA / Turnover >= 7.50%
  • Growth in Turnover (from 2016 to 2017) >= 0
  • Credit rating assigned by Mutual Guarantee Companies <= 5

Know more here [PT].



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