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Do iT Lean at OutSystems NextStep 2019

by Do iT Lean on Sep 17, 2019

Counting down to the #1 event for low-code! As an OutSystems Elite Partner, Do iT Lean is (again) a proud sponsor of NextStep!

Have you registered yet? Follow the link to join us in both cities: Denver, where we’d love to have a chat with you in our booth, and Amsterdam, where you can take awesome pictures in our photo station. Come discover how we can accelerate your digital transformation initiatives!

We are also proud to have several DoiTLeaners and customers sharing their experience and insights during NextStep. Don’t miss their presentations:

Denver (October 2-3):

  • How to Attract and Train Talent in Highly Competitive Markets (Speakers: Mike Jones and Armando Gomes, Oct 3, 12:00pm, Evergreen A room)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Migrating Applications (Speaker: Duarte Ferreira, Oct 3, 3:30pm, Larkspur room)
  • Mobile Synchronization Patterns for Large Volumes of Data (Speaker: João Pereira, Oct 3, 3:30pm, Primrose room)
  • Courageous Leaders (main session with City of Oakland)
  • Get MAD: Modern Application Development Methods That Work (panel with Shawcor)

Amesterdam (October 29-30):

  • Create Amazing Reports in OutSystems (Speaker: Fábio Fantato, Oct 30, 9:00am, E104 room)
  • No API? No Problem! Let the Robot Do Your Work! Web Scraping and Automation With OutSystems (Speaker: Miguel Antunes, Oct 30, 10:00am, E103 room)
  • How to Attract and Train Talent in Highly Competitive Markets (Speakers: Tiago Gafeira and Armando Gomes, Oct 30, 1:30pm, E102 room)
  • Neo in Wonderland: Essential Tools for an OutSystems Architect (Speaker: Fábio Fantato, Oct 30, 2:35pm, E103 room)

PS - In Denver we will have a special initiative. Take a picture with your new DiL socks that we will deliver and publish it on Twitter / Facebook with the hashtag #iTSOX.  The most creative photo will win awesome Airpod headphones. (Apple or Android - the choice is yours). Submit your photo by midnight, Friday October 4, 2019 for a chance to win. Don't miss it:

get your sox on


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