COVID Nirikshak – The Inspector App that Protects Lives

by Do iT Lean on Jun 05, 2020


This is a great story of collaboration among different organizations and teams spanning multiple times zones all coming together to protect lives during these challenging times by leveraging technology.

Recently the OutSystems team brought to our attention a project that was part of the COVID-19 OutSystems Community Response Program. They were searching for delivery partners that could support the fast development and deployment of new solutions submitted via the program. In this particular case, the goal was to provide an easy to use and efficient way for the Family Planning Association of India’s (FPAI) medical staff to easily and safely screen patients for COVID-19 before entering a clinic and being seen by a healthcare provider.

Francisco Menezes one of the leaders of the OutSystems Community Response program commented “At OutSystems, we set a goal of turning 20 ideas focused on solving challenges related to this global pandemic into reality using our low-code development platform. I approached the Do iT Lean team because of their reputation for high-quality outcomes using OutSystems. I knew that they were capable of quickly delivering a quality solution and with their global presence and expertise, coupled with their ability to deliver remote projects made them an ideal partner.”

Our team consisted of an experienced Solution Architect (an OutSystems MVP) to oversee the project and two developers. The team took the overall ownership of design, architecture, development and deployment of the project and delivered the project within the expected timeline.

Meghana Deshpandre-Bendre, Sr. Product Manager at Priority Tech Holdings, together with her husband Sameer Bendre, Customer Success Manager at OutSystems were instrumental to the project’s success and acted as liaisons between the different teams and the FPAI organization. While the couple lives in the United States, Meghana has close contacts with FPAI. Thus, the family had a vested interest in promoting the initial idea and played key roles in overseeing the project from ideation to requirements gathering, keeping the teams focused to guarantee a go live in less than 3 weeks.

Meghana’s feedback on the Do iT Lean’s involvement makes us all proud. “Even though this is a volunteer effort, the Do iT Lean team has been extending the same level of commitment and professionalism as can be seen in regular “day job” projects. In addition to being experts with the OutSystems framework, the team's agile way of working led to quick feedback cycles. They would iterate on working solutions resulting in a fast turnaround instead of spending a ton of time on requirements gathering. Their grasp of context along with the ability to determine what is important now and anticipate what may be needed reflects their domain-agnostic experience. They didn’t need to wait for the UX designs to be ready. In fact, UX had to catch up with them and based their designs off the first version of the working solution this team offered. As a result of this understanding of the urgency of the deliverables, we were able to release both the Web and Mobile applications to FPAI at the same time.”

The solution included both a mobile app and a web application component. The mobile app, built as Progressive Web App (PWA), was placed in the hands of the clinic and branch users allowing them to screen and disposition patients right outside of the clinic protecting all those inside. The web application provides some back-office features and allows headquarters to access a dashboard that provides filtering/drill-down capabilities for management to have a bird’s eye view and be able to make educated decisions. As a result of using the Nirikshak solution, it was easy to disposition patients as COVID-19 suspect or non-suspect at the clinic door.  By not letting suspected clients enter the clinic and referring them to the proper health organization it has allowed for continued reproductive health services to be provided.  

COVID Nirikshak is now live. It started by being introduced in 5 clinics and by the time you are reading this it will most probably have been rolled out to all forty clinics around India. And, while it is already showing its value, we continue looking into how to improve it. For example, the team is currently planning a UX/UI uplift for the mobile and web applications and making the application available in Hindi.

And, we are proud to report that in just the first 10 days of using COVID Nirikshak the first five clinics had screened 1,078 patients out of which 16 were COVID-19 suspects and were referred to a Govt. facility for further testing. With the imminent rollout to the remaining 35 clinics these numbers will continue to exponentially grow and so will the number of lives it will protect and keep safe.

Meghana concluded “I’m very grateful for the support of the Do iT Lean team. This solution would have remained as just another good idea if it wasn’t for their support and the support of OutSystems. “

About FPAI - The Family Planning Association of India (FPAI) is a non-government organization that runs 40 clinics in India with medical providers and outreach programs to assist women with family planning services and education. This benefits the high-risk population, such as pregnant women and their families, elderly population, people with pre-existing conditions, with symptoms or with a history of exposure to infected individuals. The organization has 40 clinics plus 100 outreach centers spread across 18 states in India covering urban, peri-urban, and rural areas. Their staff of 800 includes trained medical and paramedical personnel as well as community outreach coordinators. Since the lockdown went into effect in India, their clinics have not been fully staffed but even with the limited staff, they have served 29,000 clients during the first 2 weeks of the lockdown.

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