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Wodify Arena

Competition Planning Software

Delivered in 2 Sprints


Wodify identified a global market need for an application to manage Crossfit competitions. As Crosfit athletes, the Wodify team has a background in managing CrossFit competitions and knows that tracking everything on spreadsheets becomes total chaos. That’s why Wodify created Wodify Arena, an event management and competition planning system. It streamlines registration, ticketing and comes with their patent pending Smart Start™ technology to automatically generate the competition schedule for participants and judges.


Wodify Arena is a system designed to promote and manage Crossfit competitions. The application supports the setting up of events and collection of money from participants through a responsive and customized web page. From workouts to schedule, from heats and lanes Arena will guide event Organizers through setting up everything they need to run a smooth event. For the actual competitors, Arena provides everything they need to be in the loop: live leaderboards, updated schedules, scoring on the fly and real time interaction through a mobile app.

Arena comes complete with three major capabilities:

Organizer – Back office web app for setting up and managing the overall event. 

Event Promotion – a set of Public pages that once your event is organized, make it easy for competitors to sign up to participate in your event. 

 Judge - A mobile app that simplifies the process of entering scores during the competition and making them available to the organizer and participants.


Responsive Web Application
Native Mobile App
Fast Time To Market
Return on Investment