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Warranty Certificate

Time to create a contract went from 3days to 15min


With more than 50 years’ experience, LeasePlan is one of the world’s leading fleet management and driver mobility companies. Partners represent a key element in the business by selling LeasePlan used vehicles, and the LeasePlan Warranty Certificate is a high value offer for their end customers. The challenge was the slow, error prone, manual process of issuing it.

LeasePlan’s goal of increasing the sales of this product created the urgent need to develop a platform that would allow partners to be totally autonomous and agile in delivering LeasePlan Warranty Certificates to their end customers.


The Used Vehicles Warranty Management application is a commercial solution that allows any partner to generate Warranty Certificates with LeasePlan. It receives the data entered by the Partner and after connecting with the core system for business rules validation, automatically issues the Warranty Certificate. 

The choice of the OutSystems low-code platform and Do iT Lean as the implementation partner is explained by Tiago Dionísio, Deputy ICT Director of LeasePlan Portugal, "LeasePlan has been working with solutions developed in OutSystems for some time. With this urgent need, going forward with OutSystems made perfect sense. We chose Do iT Lean because, apart from having received great feedback from OutSystems, we had already done some projects together and the professionalism and commitment demonstrated has always been remarkable."

The project lasted 10 weeks and involved professionals from Do iT Lean and LeasePlan. “The solution was implemented on time, on budget and with the expected quality. Do iT Lean not only played a key role in development but also in listening to us, understanding our business, and adapting the solution to our specific needs and to the changes that were discovered during the development process," said Dionísio.


The new platform has enabled LeasePlan to increase sales of its important Vehicle Warranty product by 30% and to improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders (LeasePlan, Partners and End Customers) for the efficiency, speed, robustness and simplicity of the Warranty Certificate sales process. The processing time for a new Warranty Certificate was reduced from 3 days to 15 minutes. 

"LeasePlan is very pleased with the work and service provided by Do iT Lean as it helped us build and implement a strategic solution that allows LeasePlan and our partners to be positioned favorably against the competition. With the new system we have seen an average increase in Warranty Certificate sales by 30% and a reduction in processing time form 3 days to 15 minutes," highlights Dionísio.

LeasePlan's strategy to continue delivering technologically innovative and differentiating solutions and rely on both Do iT Lean and OutSystems low-code platform to make them a reality.

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