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Inventory Management

Integration with Infor ERP


Yak Mat was moving to a new ERP solution by Infor and knew it would need some custom functionality to support the management of its highly specialized inventory and distribution processes. The new application would need to support a mobile inventory app through APIs and deliver specialized capabilities to manage the shipping and distribution of its products.


Tracker is a custom application developed by Do iT Lean using OutSystems that allows employees to easily assess inventory across all of Yak Mat's sites and create shipments to meet their customer's needs. In addition, it exposes the needed APIs for their mobile app. By being able to see exactly where an order is in the process and assign inventory from multiple sites Tracker is improving efficiency along with customer satisfaction. 


Because employees can see exactly where an order is in the process and assign inventory from multiple sites, Tracker is increasing YAK MAT’s efficiency along with customer satisfaction. In addition, a set of APIs enables the existing mobile application to connect to the ERP, giving access to critical information anytime, anywhere. 

The main benefits to the business include: 
  • Extension of the ERP into the field by simplifying end user’s interfaces into the system so they can focus on their jobs 
  • Simplification of the complex processes associated with inventory tracking across all of YAK MAT’s sites and management of the rental processes for customers 
  • Application flexibility on top of the ERP that helps YAK MAT to be more agile in responding to business needs and grow their business 
  • The agility to meet business demand as evidenced by the rapid delivery of a supplier portal right after go-live, allowing external producers to enter inventory directly into the YAK MAT Tracker system

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