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Project Management System


Built in 15 Weeks


With the growing number and complexity of projects, it had become increasingly important to have an automated project execution and control capability. The current manual approach of controlling a project’s status and the associated invoices was growing out of control making it difficult to report their financial status to their parent company, Asseco Group. With this application Asseco PST is able to:

  • Give their project managers a more efficient means for the planning and control of their projects with a focus on financial components.
  • Enable the PMO to be more efficient in monitoring and analyzing project's execution.
  • Provide a centralized repository of each project's information accessible to different user profiles.
  • Integrate with the Sales Management System and other applications like SAP.


Do iT Lean worked with the Asseco PST team to deliver the Project Management System application in 15 weeks. The application supports the full project management process from project adjudication to final delivery to the customer. The application is comprised of four main modules and is fully integrated with their Sales Management System and SAP back end. The main functionality includes: 

  • Project Initiation and Planning - This includes the ability to define the project and its financial baseline in terms of cost and approval workflow.
  • Project Execution - During the course of the project the application captures and reports on Estimated to Completion (ETC) costs, provides a comparison to the baseline with the real and ETC costs, has built in approval process, controls the project invoicing milestones and is fully integrated with SAP. 
  • Project Ending - The ability to close and report on the final project disposition.
  • Project’s Financial Dashboard which provides a quick view of the project’s status.


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