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Eaton Vance was looking for an easy-to-use mobile solution to support intermediary sales teams. A more efficient way to access sales data was needed to replace a legacy solution that was no longer meeting business needs. The goal was to give each sales team member a mobile app they could customize to their individual preferences and have data across multiple systems at their fingertips.


The mWholesaler mobile app was created exclusively for Eaton Vance's sales teams responsible for selling financial instruments through intermediary sales channels. The app supports sales personnel by providing access to real-time contact and sales information. Eaton Vance sales team can quickly evaluate territory insights and individual objectives. The information is delivered using a highly intuitive user interface leveraging simple graphics which offer multiple levels of presentation for quick analysis.


Eaton Vance was impressed with how fast it was to develop this app. In just eight weeks, they built a native mobile app from scratch that integrates with several of backend systems using the OutSystems platform and working with the Do iT Lean team. They estimate that delivering this app using traditional approaches would have taken many months. 


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