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Electronic Flight Forms

Electronic Forms Management

Delivered in 9 Weeks


In order to comply with industry regulation, TAP needed a fast, secure and automatic way to create an information form for each flight and to report that information to the aviation regulator, on a 24x7 basis. The process was being done manually by retrieving information from several internal and external systems and then uploading it into another application. The company wanted a solution to automate the full process reducing workload and replacing an error prone, manual process.


Partnering with TAP, Do iT Lean created a fully automated solution using OutSystems low-code platform and their agile methodology. This combination of industry expertise, technology and methodology resulted in an award-winning solution that is fully aligned with the business. The Flight Forms solution automatically collects information on flights, passengers and load information from various sources. In addition, the system collects information on local, transit and transfer passengers and load. It then automatically creates the Flight Form for each flight and sends it to the airport management organization (ANA), via web services for them to cross-check it with their own information and approve or make corrections.


Custom Theme using Silk UI
Complex Integrations
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