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Business Risks International Pty Limited (BRI Security) is a specialist corporate risk management and security services organization headquartered in Australia. With the business growing and the plans to expand to larger enterprises, BRI Security needed to digitally transform its operations and automate the full lifecycle of rostering to invoicing. The manual reporting and manual processes to capture incidents, occurrences, and time and attendance of security officers were inefficient, prone to errors, time consuming, and essentially were blocking BRI’s business boost. 

BRI Security’s resources and those of its biggest client were operating at capacity simply to process the paper reports its guards were creating. Going mobile and automating was the natural solution, but with no developers in-house, BRI Security was dependent on rigid, subscription-based IT. The purpose-built, customized app it needed seemed out of reach.


To improve customer service, operational transparency, productivity and security outcomes, BRI Security started a quest to find a solution to the company’s app gap. The OutSystems low-code platform was recommended by its peers and Do iT Lean, along with its local partner Phoenix Services, was selected to making BRI’s vision of an app a reality, seeking feedback from its biggest client throughout the early days of development.  

In just three months, the full version of the BRI Operational Support System, or BOSS, went live, one month ahead of schedule. “What was appealing to me was the degree to which we could quickly customize the app to meet our client’s specific requirements,” refers Ying Loong. 

According to Phoenix Services and Do iT Lean’s experience, a traditional development approach would have taken three to five times longer due to the app’s particular offline operation requirements and integration demands, which included rostering systems and Google Maps.


The new Operational Support System, BOSS, allows BRI Security to reposition itself as a provider of customized, ROI-maximizing security services, where customers effectively benefit from the added services of transparency, automatic reporting (time and attendance, incidents and occurrences), and unified experience. 

After deepening BRI’s relationship with its largest client, BRI Security has rolled out BOSS to more companies, and now the app is widely delivering: 
  • Error reduction by design: Minimizing data entry errors and automatically picking up exceptions 
  • Lower costs: Eliminating handwritten forms and saving the equivalent of four full-time roles for BRI Security alone 
  • Valuable transparency: allowing managers to collaborate on the same current data to improve service efficiency and performance 

With SNP Security acquisition, BRI began the process of integrating and expanding its BOSS user base from 1,500 to over 4,500.

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